In less time it takes to binge your favorite show, you can have a killer essay

Finally, a Way to Take the Stress Out of the College Essay Process.

I hear it all the time. You want your child to have a strong college essay but don't want the fights and tension that go along with the essay writing process. Whether you've been through college applications before or this is your first time, there is no question it can be one of the most anxiety-provoking periods of your and your child's life. Adding to that stress is the awareness that a memorable essay can make all the difference when final admissions decisions are made.

Stop the Stressors!
Research shows the most significant stressors for students are being unsure of what to write about, feeling like they won't do a good enough job, or can't figure out the right topic. And parents don't want to constantly fight with their kids, worry that they won't stay on schedule, or have an acceptance-worthy essay. By the time we finish, your child will feel calmer, more confident, and have the tools to write an essay that will stand out so they can get in.

"Should I write about the home-run I scored in the last game of the season?
 List the courses and internships I've taken to pursue premed?"

Honestly, probably not, because they don't really tell anything about who you are. It may seem like your essay needs to be about some harrowing event in your life or some remarkable achievement, but in reality, some of the best essays come from a seemingly mundane aspect of your life that actually reveals a lot about you.

While there are very few original topics out there, you are an original, and you're going to learn to write an essay that shows admissions officers why you're the perfect fit. Our brainstorming sessions will identify remarkable insights about what makes you tick so you can write an essay that is both uncommon and memorable.

Through our unique process, you'll uncover aspects of your personality so you can write a personal statement that clearly expresses the story you want to tell. And you will gain the knowledge and skills to craft an essay that will stand out from thousands of other applicants. So, are you ready to get started?

A brand-new approach that's unlike anything you've seen before.

I know what you're thinking "How is your method different from all the stuff I've read, watched, and downloaded?"
Well, for one, I ditched the worksheets and abstract exercises in favor of an innovative online platform that takes a 21st-century approach to the essay process. It's teen-tested, and the results are astonishing! Having experimented with many approaches over the years I finally found one that's exactly what I've been looking for. So, would you rather use the same old-school method (and stale techniques) as tons of other applicants or a modern system that prioritizes writing the minute you get started. It's engaging, efficient and highly effective.


Discover your core values, passions, life experiences and goals which are the foundation for a memorable essay.


Identify connections and themes to determine your strongest topic.


Analyze styles, structures, and techniques of the most successful essays.


Make meaningful connections and find unexpected ways to express your story.

Pick your perfect package.

I don't believe in hiding prices or making you jump through hoops to know exactly what I offer,
but I'm always happy to have a free free consulation to explain my services further.

Online Editing

  • Concrete feedback on existing essays via Google docs
  • 2 rounds of edits and suggestions
  • One 60-minute zoom session  


10-Hour Block

  • 10 Hours Including Online Sessions 
  • Personal Strengths Assessment 
  • Access to EssayQuest Account
  • 48-hour Turnaround for Revisions 
  • Video Resources 
  • Time spent editing/researching is counted against the 10-hour block


Available as 2 payments of  $1250


  • Unlimited Session Length
  • Personal Strengths Assessment
  • Access to EssayQuest Account
  • 24-hour Turnaround for Revisions 
  • Video Resources 
  • Optional Recordings of Sessions
  • Essay Requirements Spreadsheet 
  • Master Schedule  
  • Supplemental Essays for up to 4 schools


Available for students who sign up by 9/1/21. Maximum of 18 sessions total. Additional hours will be billed at the hourly rate.
Available as 3 payments of  $1500

There are also both small and large workshops, essay assistance for middle and high school entrance applications, scholarships, and more!  
Contact me for  information.

Hi, I'm Betsy Cadel, Founder and primary stress-buster of College Essay Helpers.

First of all, I feel your pain. I was going through the application process with my son about six years ago. I was thrilled he got into his first-choice school, but the months of arguments and stress leading up to it were brutal and unnecessary.

This is why I started College Essay Helpers. The biggest trick to reducing stress is getting started early.

The best thing you can do is to have a solid draft of the personal statement completed by the end of the summer before senior year starts when you're juggling a challenging course load, testing, college visits, extracurriculars, and the application process. But don't worry, if you're not there yet (or haven't started), there's still time as long as we get started right now.

My goal is to make sure you feel confident and proud of the final essay you submit to the admissions officers. The added bonus is you will become a better writer, which will be a critical skill for the rest of your life.

Ready to take control?

Let's schedule a complimentary call!

Take the first step to calm any concerns you have about the essay process. During our call we'll discuss your needs and I'm happy to answer all your questions.

"Betsy helped in so many more ways than I knew I needed! Kept me motivated and organized throughout the whole process! I was able to develop and organize an essay that told a story and fit every detail necessary. Would recommend to anyone." 

Oliver S.

You did more than help him write. You helped him find a sense of agency which translated into other areas of his life. Whatever it is, can you bottle it?

Tori W.

I started with only a simple idea, and she helped me to expand my thoughts to create an interesting, entertaining, and personal story. I’m confident without that essay, I wouldn’t have been accepted into 9/10 schools! Working with her was a huge weight taken off my shoulders.

Halli H.

I’m happy I got all my essays done in the summer rather than waiting till the last minute like many other students. Having everything done early, I was able to apply early action to all my schools. 

Francesca C.

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