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Online Editing

Draft revisions

Ideal for students who have their primary or supplemental essay drafts completed and want to take them from "meh" to memorable.  

You submit your essay via Google Drive, and I provide written feedback on areas like topic selection, flow, craftsmanship, and concrete analysis of how to approach revisions.  

When the concept and content are where they need to be, I will provide comments and suggestions within the doc so that students can make revisions accordingly. Please note: I will not write or rewrite a student's work.  

I will help edit for word count and assist with adapting supplemental essays so that one can be repurposed for another school's prompt.  The package includes two rounds of edits and one 60-minute zoom call.

10-hour Block

Pay as you go

This pre-paid structure is based on an hourly rate of $250 and can always be extended as the process goes along.   We have found that 8-10 hours is typical to go from brainstorming to a final draft. However, every student works at a different pace, and when it comes to this critical part of the application process, "better right than rushed" is our motto.

This package is ideal for students who are comfortable being self-directed, as sessions are based on a "roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-to-work" methodology. Those interested in working at a fast and efficient pace will love this approach.  

You can purchase another block if more time is needed, and you'll be refunded the hourly rate for any unused hours. Time spent editing and doing additional research is part of the hourly structure.



Perfect for students who are ready to go from concept to completion of their entire common app personal statement and supplemental essays for up to 4 colleges. (Many colleges have similar supplemental essays, and I show them how to use what they've already written for many other applications).

With this package, students have the advantage of a more hands-on approach and cost-savings as the package is based on 18 sessions, not hours. So, it still only counts as one session when a student is "in the zone" and the meeting runs long (it's not unusual to have 90 minutes to several hours if a student is up for it).  

This package is available for students who sign up by September 1st and is for a maximum of 18 sessions total. Additional hours will be billed at the hourly rate.